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Ethically-trained. High-fidelity. Text-to-Music generative audio. World-class AI tech & research.
The new standard for
copyright compliance.
Jen adheres to a strict training doctrine and rigorous compliance process that emphasizes its commitment to transparency, compensation and copyright identification.
Every training input and generative output is automatically vetted for audio recognition and copyright identification utilizing a database of 150M tracks. Jen creates a cryptographic hash for each track, recorded on The Root Network blockchain, ensuring the integrity and timestamp of the track’s creations.
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Consumers own the tracks they create on Jen and can R3CORD™ tracks to make them sellable, adding a marketplace layer to personal creations.

Trending Tracks

Moody Hip-Hop Beat, Pulsating Rhythm That Echoes the Solitude of Nighttime City Streets
Darius Williams
Bluegrass with Bluesy Guitar Licks, Drums, Bass, Gritty Hometown Vibe
James Foster
Euphoric Pop Track with Tropical House Influences for Relaxing Beach Day
Asher Lawson
Composition That Mimics the Rhythmic Patterns of Morse Code Using Percussive Elements to Convey Secret Messages
Ravi Kumar
Alternative Pop Rock Anthem with Heavy Guitar Riffs and Infectious Drums for Music Festival
Patrick Reilly
Soulful Rockabilly Blues w Electric Guitar, Bass
Shara Senderoff
Nostalgic Pop Song with Melancholic Melodies for A Breakup Song
Brya Taylor
Hip-Hop Beat that Combines Classic Boom-Bap Elements with Modern Trap Influences
Terrance Hall
Meditation Track with Ambiance of Tranquility, Slow Tempo, Peaceful Mood
Izzy Berger
Drums, Drums, Drums
Diego Fernandez
Just Fun Guitar Riffs
Jesse Rain
Vibrant Emo-Pop with Hopeful Melodies, Vulnerable Emotions, Pretty Guitars
Cameron Hart

Key Features

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Extend a track to a desired length or to explore an alternative sonic pathway through continuation.
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Fill in missing parts of a track with new music that fits seamlessly within the existing composition.
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A versatile multi-track generation tool, with endless iteration capability, that produces stems from a single prompt or to complement user-uploaded ideas.
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Allows the upload of a unique instrument, genre or track to create a StylerFilter that effortlessly styles a new masterpiece with a desired sound.
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